At HandPicked our team of designers work hand in hand with skilled artisans to create one-of-a-kind jewelry you won't find anywhere else. Mostly constructed of sterling silver and semi-precious stone and crafted in limited quantities, these pieces are originals! When a style is gone, it is more than likely gone for good. 

Why sterling silver? There are so many benefits to owning genuine sterling silver.  Here are just a few:

Why semi-precious stone? First of all, they are gorgeous! Second of all they are unique! A semi-precious stone is also referred to as a gem or gemstone.


We always strive to bring you new designs at value prices that are sophisticated, classic, trendy, bohemian inspired and always on trend!



Here's the story of Rosa and her team in Mexico who hand craft each of these stunning pieces!

Hello my name is Rosa. I live in a beautiful village in Mexico. My relationship with HandPicked began in 2007 when I met Señora Melanie Mauldin. Thanks to Melanie and the work from HandPicked, I was able to open my own business. I have the pleasure to work with many silversmiths, or “artists” as we call them, from my village. When HandPicked designs a new piece, we determine what process should be used. The silversmiths then hand-craft the piece based on our instructions. Seeing the end result always amazes us – HandPicked’s jewelry is truly a work of art!  


Before working with HandPicked, I was very poor and lived in a small house. Now, I can support my family, which consists of my husband, Pedro, my daughter, Elisa and my son, Sebastian. I am proud to be one of only a few female business owners in my village. I have 17 employees, 6 of which are women, who are able to provide for their families the same way I have. I am honored to be a part of the HandPicked family and I thank you all, especially Señora Sonya Ingram, for helping me and my employees to lead better lives.  



It is important to take care of your sterling silver pieces. If taken care of properly they will last for years to come. Here are a few tips on how to care for genuine Sterling Silver:




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