Transparent Stadium Bags - a Fashionable Accessory

Transparent Stadium Bags - a Fashionable Accessory

Posted by HandPicked on Sep 30th 2019

Transparent bags hit the scene in a big way in 2018 and we’re happy to say, thanks to the security measures in place at many stadiums, continues to be hot for 2019. As a matter of fact, transparent bags have become a hot fashion trend and are much more than just a practical bag for football games – the bags are now fashion statements and are the must-have item for fall – thank goodness!

Transparent bags at HandPicked have been in front of the trend as we continuously update our assortment, searching out the newest bag selections on the market. We have unique, fashionable, clear bags that compliment your outfit rather than seem out-of-place or cumbersome.

Our Tiger Lexie Clear Crossbody Bag and White Tiger Crossbody Bag are two of the newest arrivals and have already been seen at several sporting events in the south. Clear bags for sporting events used to be a fashion faux pas on stylish fan, but now they are the perfect compliment to gameday jewelry or fashionable sterling silver.

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