Sterling Silver is an Affordable Style Secret

Sterling Silver is an Affordable Style Secret

Posted by HandPicked on Oct 4th 2019

When it comes time to update my fall wardrobe, I always find it hard to believe how expensive it is for a few nice outfits! If I buy the blouse, I have to get the skirt. If I get the skirt, I have to get the shoes. If I get the shoes, I have to get the bag. Fashion can be an endless cycle!

But I have a secret. A fashion secret.

I can update my fall wardrobe without buying the blouse, skirt, shoes or bag! How, you ask? It’s a secret – but I’ll share it with you, if you’ll keep it under wraps.

Sterling Silver Jewelry is my secret fashion power – or my super fashion power you might say! Sterling is easy to overlook as a fashion update because of how easily the jewelry blends into casual, formal, or cocktail.

Dainty pieces such as the silver cross necklace or the vertical hammered bar necklace will effortlessly upgrade an existing outfit by adding a touch of flair to any occasion at a very small cost. Complete the look with sterling silver bead earrings or the bar earrings and add a thin, hammered bangle for a true sterling silver impression. These bracelets are a favorite stacked one on another for a elegant look that is timeless and unique to the wearer.

Speaking of sterling silver bracelets, we haven’t seen a trend this strong in several years. Thanks to the low price of sterling as a precious metal, classic pieces such as the oxidized cuff and bead bracelet are terrific choices that can be worn for years to come.

Finally, statement pieces such as the criss cross cuff (say that three times fast) and rope bracelet are almost impossible to keep in stock this year. When you consider that these pieces are made individually by hand, it is apparent why year after year these stylish jewelry pieces are favorites.

So, there is my fashion secret. Upgrade your wardrobe by visiting HandPicked to choose your style of jewelry in the sterling silver line. The jewelry is unique and original, made only for us.