HandPicked Names HALOS as Sole Beneficiary of HeartPicked Charity Day Sales

Since 2007, HandPicked has helped raise money and awareness for local non-profits in the markets they serve across South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia through their giving arm, HeartPicked.  Over the past ten years, HeartPicked has helped raise over $100,000 in contributions to the local non-profit organizations supported by each HandPicked store.  Starting in July 2017, however, HandPicked has chosen to dedicate all their support to HALOS.


In choosing HALOS as the sole beneficiary of HeartPicked donations, HandPicked, Inc. President and Owner, Sonya Ingram, recognized the especially strong and supportive relationship that the Charleston and Mount Pleasant HandPicked shops and HALOS had established over the years.  Ms. Ingram decided that HandPicked’s impact would be greater by dedicating all of its support to one organization.  Ingram noted, “We are thankful that we have been able to help positively impact lives through HandPicked by offering a new piece of unique jewelry that makes our customers feel special, unique and confident.  Now, each of those special pieces will help children and families in need!”


Kim Clifton, Executive Director of HALOS, echoed Ms. Ingram’s sentiments. “We are so very honored that HandPicked chose HALOS as their sole partner for their HeartPicked donations. The relationship we have built with Ashley, Kelly, and their staff is truly a special one.  Your gifts always have a tremendous impact on the children and families we serve, and I know that will only deepen moving forward.".




HALOS is South Carolina’s leading and only resource solely dedicated to support and advocacy for abused and neglected children and their kinship caregivers.  Our primary services include intensive case management, home visits, support groups, provision of critical goods, and information and referral services. While working with kinship families, HALOS’ goals include safety in the home, education, family and community support, financial stability, and access to services. For more information, visit www.charlestonhalos.org






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