GWE - Blue Monogram Visor - Sample Sale

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SKU GWE - Blue As Is Sample
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"Make a Match"

Find your monogram for instant gratification and huge savings, up to 75% off or more!  These pieces have been pre-made and need a home.   You can search in alphabetical order for your Monogram Deal by searching for your name or initials in natural order!  Each item is sold "as is" and all sales are final. 

Many of the pieces being sold are in brand new condition and were simply processed incorrectly.  Others have been used as floor samples, were monogrammed incorrectly or  have imperfections that caused them to move to the monogram misfit category.  Please know that these items are PRICED based on these factors which is why they are being offered at these extremely low prices.   The discounted price it is being sold for takes condition into consideration so not all of the same style will be sold for the same price.   Sterling silver is priced below market for precious metal.