BudhaGirl Gold Bangle Set

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Budha Girl Gold Bangle Set│HandPicked

What are BuDhaGirl bangles all about? These amazing bangles are all weather proof, making them great for going anywhere!  They are weightless, soundless, waterproof and TSA proof. Each of the three bangles in the set is meant to represent an intention for your day. As you slide them on think affirming thoughts to start your day, as you slide them off in the evening, fill yourself with thoughts of gratitude and accomplishments.  They are made of flexible, polyvinyl carbonate rings that are filled with Gold dust filament and sealed with the BuDhaGirl Serenity Prayer bead.  This unique, non-metal material allows you to go from the office, to the pool and through the airport all without having to take them off.  Grab multiple sets to create one amazing stack! 

  • Sold in sets of 3
  • Size: Medium (2.44" internal diameter)
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